Red Hook Interview: Six Point Brewery

We asked Cathy from Red Hook’s Six Point Brewery some questions about the neighborhood. Amazingly, she agreed to answer them.
How would you describe the Red Hook’s neighborhood feel?
It has a sleepy fishing-town vibe with a real Brooklyn grittiness.

What is the craziest thing you have seen happen or heard of happening in Red Hook?

If you consider it was the setting of On the Waterfront, perhaps that earlier mob era.

What is your favorite place to drink in Red Hook?

Sunny’s Bar, where you can watch bluegrass musicians improvise naturally and unpretentiously on Saturdays.

On your first time to Red Hook what do you have to do?

Ride a bike there, stop at Steve’s Key Lime Pies for a Swingle, head to Valentino Pier and hang out, eat a few free samples at Fairway and sit on the waterfront patio, drink lots of Sixpoint beer at any local bar or restaurant, pick out some flowers and soap at Saipua, and grab a lobster roll from Red Hook Lobster Pound.

In a recent tweet Carmelo Anthony (born in Red Hook): “Just left #REDHOOK. Shouts out to the ‘DICE’.”  What is the Dice and should I be concerned if I meet it in a dark alley?

No idea.

In the H.P. Lovecraft short story “Horror in Red Hook” he alleges that the gates of hell were once opened in Red Hook, should I be concerned about that too?

I think it’s somewhere on Coffey Street, a vacant plot of weeds, watch out.

Hope you’ve learned something about Red Hook. A big thanks to Cathy and the Six Point Brewery for putting up with our ridiculous questions. If you haven’t tried one of Six Points’ amazing craft ales then get on it. Every ale is “magically fermented from malted barely, hops, yeast and New York City tap water”; you know that sounds delicious.
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