Glendale Pub Crawl Preview

Glendale, Queens isGlendale Veterans Triangle Signn’t exactly a hot bed of nightlife. Its most glamorous residents are buried underground. In fact, most of its residents are underground. The site of the next Big Bar Hunter crawl is in the heart of the Queens cemetery belt, as neither ghosts nor lack of appealing bars can keep these bloggers away from their appointed crawls.

To be fair, Glendale used to be a big nightlife spot. Back in 1920s there was professional roller derby and beer halls so big they were converted into Forest Park when prohibition came. What else is there to know about Glendale history? Not much. Once it was a swamp (all good neighborhoods start out as swamps); then it was farmland (big surprise there). In the 1840s the great Queens cemetery belt was built which is how Glendale came to be surrounded by seven cemeteries. In 1869 it got an LIRR station. In 1927, that station burned down. In 1998, service to the station was discontinued. Yes, they spent 71 years using a burnt out station, and they’d still be doing it if the LIRR hadn’t decided Glendale was a waste of time. Legend has it that sometimes you can still hear the lonesome whistle of the midnight train…and it’s true. Freight trains carrying nuclear waste pass through Glendale with some regularity.

Today Glendale is best known for just being generic, nondescript Queens. The exterior of Archie Bunker’s house, supposedly in Astoria, was actually in a house in Glendale. Kevin Glendale looking like any other part of QueensJames in the King of Queens always drank in Glendale’s Cooper’s Ale House (now Yer Man’s Irish Pub). There’s a German restaraunt, Zum Stammtisch, which might be the best in the city. There’s one of the biggest malls in Queens (which has been in foreclosure since 2009). There’s a Chili’s.

How do you get there? The Village Voice explained it this way: “From Manhattan, take the L train to Myrtle Avenue and transfer to the Q55 until you see funeral parlors and cemeteries.”

Still not sold on Glendale? Why have we decided pub crawling it isn’t a waste of time? Well, when you decide to bar hop through every New York City neighborhood, the ones where you won’t get stabbed take priority.

The Scouting Report:

Yer Man’s Irish Pub 70-26 88th St “Pretty simple Irish bar. Drinks are made with love”
Celtic Gasthaus 64-04 Myrtle Ave “Reminds me of the bar from The Fighter.”
Zum Stammtisch 69-46 Myrtle Avenue “If you like German food, you only need to visit this place”
Sal’s Sweet Shop 65-47 Myrtle Avenue “offers a viscous vanilla egg cream”
Teedee’s Tavern 64-31 Cooper Avenue “I love this bar.The Bartender is the best. He is my nephew and he brings some crowd”
The Assembly 73-02 Cooper Avenue “Figured prominently in the 1996 film Trees Lounge”
Manor Oktoberfest 80-28 Cooper Ave “All you need is Das Boot of Späten, pierogies, and a plate fjägerschnitzel, you’ll be good for the rest of the night.”
Chili’s 80-80 Cooper Ave “Chili’s is so much better than Applebees”

Need a map? We gotcha you. Maybe some day we will figure out who to embed those.

DISCLAIMER: Please remember that we’re not hipsters looking for the most underground bar in the city. We’re antisocial-but-adventerous cheapskate drinkers. There’s a difference.

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One Response to Glendale Pub Crawl Preview

  1. Stasia says:

    When are you guys planning on going to Glendale?

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